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South Indian Bank enters World Book of Records for ‘101 Oonjals’

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bagged a world record for staging and swinging the highest 101

The on Sunday organized an event ‘Onnichirikkam Oonjaladam’ and was accoladed with the World Book of Records award for ‘staging and swinging 101 Oonjals’.

The event ‘Onnichirikkam Oonjaladam’ saw people gathered in large numbers to celebrate unity and prosperity during the ongoing festival season. Swings were made using wood and rope in the traditional way.

had yesterday for the first time organized a first-of-its-kind category event ‘Staging and Swinging 101 Oonjals’ simultaneously at a single venue in Kochi.

The World Book of Records team presented the Award to South Indian Bank officials.

While speaking to ANI, Murali Ramakrishnan- MD and CEO of the South Indian Bank said, “Because of the present generation of technology, etc, I think people forget the authentic happiness which you are all getting when we all playing swing in our younger days. So South Indian Bank being a bank with lots of legacy and tradition, we thought it is a good occasion for us to be a part of this society and we want to bring back the authentic happiness which we are all enjoying. This is basically to go back to what pure joy is just by taking part in playing in a swing.”

“This is a world record. All 101 swings were staged and swung together by the people. There was happiness and togetherness during the event. Seeing everyone taking part in something together naturally brings happiness to all of us. So, I would say a moment when people from diverse backgrounds come together and enjoy the togetherness and enjoy happiness then it becomes something to cherish”, Murali Ramakrishnan added.

An Oonjal is a sturdy rectangular plank suspended by iron link chains hooked to the ceiling of a hall or balcony. Oonjals are a part of a ritual at the weddings of a section in Tamil Nadu. In Kerala, the swinging tradition forms an integral part of Onam festivities.

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