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Chasing Debts in 2024: The Next Big Trends in Debt Collection

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At the beginning of 2020, people assumed that the global pandemic will only last maybe for a few months. And now we have stepped into and have already spent 4 months of 2024, and yet things are not really improving much globally. As a result, businesses are quickly crumbling down due to their financial losses. While there are many business owners who were forced to shut the doors, some businesses evolved as per the changing demands of the market too. While businesses are going through this change, it is obvious that the debt collection process around the world will change too.

The pandemic has its direct effect on the global economy too. While many are losing jobs many companies are struggling to keep their production and payments undisrupted. In a situation like this, some new trends for debt collection are surfacing this year. If you are a business owner, trying to stay afloat during this time and seeking help from credit collection services in Houston, then you need to take a look at the following trends.

  • Self Service Wins

Self-service operation mode has been on the surface for a very long time and yet many businesses and lenders were reluctant to use it for the longest time. But now, in this challenging situation, self-service feels like the most feasible option for many. When your customers are getting self-service, this will automate the process while ensuring minimal work from your end. Also, this service will help you get more time in your hand for taking care of other more complex financial issues.

  • Go Digital

This is another prevalent change that people are seeing these days. If you are looking for ways to get paid immediately by the debtors and customers, then offer them the digital payment system. Those who were in habit of sending checks will have to change this and go for digital payments through wallets and PayPal and so on. Also, even the best commercial collection agency in Houston, Texas some of the agencies are still probably working from home and this is the reason why going digital is the only solution. Having all data regarding the credit and debt will make it easier for accessing for the agencies like Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz LLC and ensure that you get the solution right away. 

  • Change in Policy 

When you are making sure to make the cash flow regular in your business, it is necessary that you change your credit policy too. The situation is difficult for everyone. So, when your customers, especially new ones, asking for products or services for credit and telling you how much cash crunch they are going through, it is necessary that you also state very clearly that you are not in a better condition either. For being on the safe side, you can even ask for advance partial payment. Also, get everything in writing. The contract will make work easier for the agency.

  • Integration of AI and Automation

The biggest trend for medium and big agencies for collection is the integration of AI and automation. While the automated collection software will take care of the initiation, sending messages and emails, giving reminders and updating details and documentation, it will decrease the chances of human error while giving the commercial collection agency more time for addressing the more complex cases during this situation. In fact, AI and chatbots are used for communication and updating their clients too about the recovery process. Automation also helps in staying compliant with the state and federal regulations for debt collection. 

So, now as you know about these emerging debt collection trends, what are you waiting for? Hire an agency experienced in commercial collection and set the ball rolling.


Are you looking for a commercial collection agency that will help you get your money back and regularize cash flow? Read the blog to know about the emerging debt collection trends.

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