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Why Viral Collagen Mask is Worth Trying

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Collagen masks are everywhere on social media nowadays! You’re scrolling trying to just search for baby products or beauty products like gel face masks or whatever, and you come across a video of these collagen face masks! What is up world! Anyhoo, I am a skincare junkie, I see something cool with good reviews, I try! This blog is about my experience with an invisible collagen mask I tried recently and I’m sure y’all will find it beneficial as well! We will also look at some basics. How is collagen and anti-ageing related? Why is collagen a part of anti-ageing products like collagen supplements, and collagen face masks? Ready to dive in? Let’s go fellas💃

Oh Dear Collagen, Why Do You Slay?

I have read so much about this wonder protein, that I am convinced that this protein is definitely my skin’s anti-ageing bestie. Collagen keeps your skin young and vibrant. Essentially, collagen keeps your skin in good form. Ageing, pollution, smoking, drinking, can slow collagen breakdown and increase the aging process. This results in dull-looking skin with more visible fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Collagen  This is why skincare brands promote collagen or collagen-boosting products that can help your skin look younger.

Collagen Products 

Now that we have seen why collagen slays, let’s look at the different products this super protein is part of:

Collagen Masks:

I tried these very recently! So the idea behind these collagen masks is that they contain a healthy dose of hydrolyzed collagen along with hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid along with peptides. Collagen masks could be those melting types that dissolve into your skin, while the other kind are leave on sheet masks that you have to keep on your face for about 15-30 minutes and then remove off your face. Both work well, and have the intention of infusing healthy ingredients into your skin. The former one (melting mask) is a relatively recent trend!

Trying Out The Latest Collagen Trend – Invisible Collagen Mask

I tried dissolving/ melting masks from this Indian skincare brand based out of Mumbai. It comes with a face toner for anti-ageing called ‘Red Wine Toner’. Using this invisible collagen mask regularly can help in skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction in the long-term. It uses a patented, Korean technology and is made of 100% Zealand Origin Collagen. It contains forehead, under-eye, cheeks, and neck patches. You have to spray the toner on your face, peel off a patch and apply it on your face. The patch will melt into your skin! If there are any residues of collagen patches left, you can further spray the toner of your face; this will also leave a dewy finish on your skin. When I used this product, I could feel a surge in my skin’s hydration game. My skin felt hydrated within 15 minutes of applying the mask, and it also exuded a dewy look.

Collagen-boosting Gel Face Masks

There also exists products that may not comprise collagen but help in boosting your skin’s collagen levels. For example, certain anti-ageing gel masks like the Red Wine Gel Mask increase collagen supply with regular use. This supports skin-tightening and anti-ageing benefits. Mostly, these gel face masks are leave-on masks that you have to apply and keep on the face for 15-20 minutes then wash off. I look forward to trying these gel masks too!

Collagen Supplementation

Incase of supplements also, there are two types of collagen supplementations. Type one, comprises collagen (eg. marine collagen) and type two comprises ingredients that boost collagen production in your body. The idea is to enhance your skin’s elasticity so your skin stays hydrated, and youthful, inside out. The best way to get youthful skin is to follow both, topical and consumable supplementation simultaneously for faster and long-term results. 

I hope you have received a nice download on collagen/ collagen-boosting products like collagen masks, gel face masks, collagen supplementation. If you have also been seeing ads of the melting collagen face masks, don’t hesitate to try it out! It’s cool! Stay healthy, stay youthful 🙂

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