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Technologies you should invest in to improve your customer service

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Back in the day, the quality of your product or service was all you needed to ride out in the fierce competition of the business world. Still, now everything has become secondary, and the accent is on customer service. The rate of customer satisfaction now measures the success of any business. The lower the customer attrition rates, the better.

There is no denying that every customer, including loyal customers, will eventually cease their relationship with a business, so it is vital to keep putting in efforts to acquire more and more new customers. Still, it does not give you an excuse not to pay heed to your current customers, for whom satisfaction is beyond the quality of your product or service. 

In the world of social media, where bad news travels fast, communication is a passport to the success of your business. From the moment your customers explore and navigate your website to the moment the product is delivered, you should try to be in touch with your customers to make their buying journey smoother, faster and enriching. 

Technologies you should invest in to improve your customer service

 Here are some of the AI-powered tools you can invest in your business:

  • Omnichannel contact centre

An omnichannel contact centre uses cloud-based centre software to manage your customer interactions across multiple channels like phones, social media, chat, email and text messages. It helps make your customer journey seamless, as no query or request goes unnoticed. This enables you to take a comprehensive view of your previous conversations regardless of the channel used.

Multichannel contact centre also lets you manage the communication across all channels, but they all cannot be dealt with together. It is not possible for your customer care team to switch from one channel to another. However, the Omni channel contact centre provides you with this option. 

  • Email management solutions

Emails are moving to the forefront in this day and age. While users can drop you an email if they have any queries, you can use it to market your products and services. Emails have become the most engaging way to send personalised newsletters to your target customers. In order to make successful email campaigns, you will need Email management solutions. 

Email management software helps you manage, prioritise, send, track and organise emails. In addition to customer support, it also helps with sales, marketing, and employee support. With the help of robust email management software, you can easily track and automate emails. It will also let you send mass emails and identify click-through rates. 

These are several email management software solutions, and they all have unique features. Make sure that you carefully analyse them before buying. They can be slightly expensive. If you do not have enough money, you can take out joint personal loans. At the time of using these loans, you should carefully assess your repaying capacity, so you do not fall into debt. 

  • Live chat service solutions

One of the significant reasons why most of the businesses are still struggling to improve the best customer service is a lack of immediacy. Most of the users want an immediate reply when they come up with a query, and it is still difficult for businesses to provide round-the-clock customer care service. In order to deal with this situation, live chat service solutions have come on the market. 

You just need to add a chat button at the bottom of your website so users can strike up a conversation at any time. An agent will be able to answer the queries from users even during closed hours of your business. One of the greatest benefits of using a live chat service solution is that you do not need to hire people to answer all queries. In other words, this technology automates customer service. 

These solutions can abate your business cost by up to 30%. When your customer service is good, your business will quickly grow. Invest in live chat service software. If you need money now in the UK, you can borrow money from a direct lender. It is always suggested to borrow money from a reputed direct lender who lends money at affordable interest rates. 

  • Social media management solutions

Social media is the most important thing to make any business successful. It paves the way for businesses to reach out to their target audience. Social media platforms are not just meant for posting videos and texts to promote your products and services, but they should be used to track what people think about your business and how you can convert them into sales. Here comes the role of social media management solutions.

One of the best benefits of these platforms is that you can manage all your social accounts simultaneously. Such solutions can automate most of the social media activities. It can even help you with social listening without your involvement. When everything is in one place, you can easily track your business performance. 

  • SMS management software

There are a variety of SMS management software solutions that will help your business automate messaging services. Whether it is about the update of shipment or sharing the complaint registered number, you will have to rely on a roust SMS software solution. 

You can integrate a third-party SMS solution to your communication platform, so you can receive all text messages where you receive your emails, so nothing slips through the cracks. 

The bottom line

It is paramount to keep your customers happy if you want to make your customers happy. It can be quite daunting, but there are several tech solutions that automate most of the functions and help you provide your customers with the best service. 

These software solutions can cost you some money. If you do not have enough money to pay for them outright, you can consider taking out a loan. You will need a business to fund these software solutions. The good news is that you can avail yourself of them without putting down collateral because the size of the loan will not be too big. 

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