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My Invisible Collagen Mask Experience

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My Invisible Collagen Mask Experience

Collagen Mask, collagen face mask, melting collagen patches,  invisible collagen mask! That’s what I have been seeing on my Instagram feed since the past few months. I was honestly quite fascinated by the videos. Just imagine – a paper like thing melting into your skin and the next thing you see is plumpy dewy skin. Who wouldn’t want to try that! Not just me, even my sister has been very fascinated by these collagen masks. So what we did was order a few.

To give you a bit of context, my sister, and I, are big time skincare junkies. It’s a relatively recent trend, I think it’s been 2 years. It started with my sister, then she made me try skincare products, and I became obsessed with skincare! We have our skincare routines now, that we diligently follow. My sister and I experiment with new products. 

We came across the collagen face mask trend and decided to get our hands on a few masks. My home has been seeing back to back collagen mask orders for about a month now. In this article, I’ll tell you about my experience with collagen sheet masks and collagen melting masks. But before we dive into these products, let’s look at some basics. Why are collagen masks even a thing now? What’s cool about this protein? Why are masks trending as well? Let’s find out!

What’s Up With Collagen

Collagen functions as an anti-aging protein, keeping your skin youthful and radiant. Essentially, collagen keeps your skin in shape. Collagen supports elasticity, suppleness, luminosity, and smoothness. As you age, your natural collagen production declines. This could be due to a variety of factors, including ageing, exposure to pollutants and radiation,smoking, and drinking. These elements can reduce collagen breakdown and fasten the aging process. This leads to dull-looking skin, enhanced visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. This is the reason why skincare brands market collagen or collagen-boosting products which can boost your skin’s youthfulness.

So yeah, no wonder collagen masks are in! Not just collagen masks actually – collagen serums, night creams, and supplements are also becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Why Are Face Masks Relevant

Sheet masks or face masks in general are loaded with hydrating ingredients that keep your skin moisturized. These masks comprise skin correcting ingredients that enhance your skin’s smoothness, and overall appearance. You are also more likely to see instant results with masks, which is why users apply these masks before special occasions.

Actually, I started using face sheet masks by chance. I had gone to the departmental store to purchase some baby products along with other necessities, and I got a sheet mask as a complimentary gift for exceeding a certain threshold of an amount. 

Invisible Collagen Mask

I have been trying melting collagen masks from different brands. You all must have also seen ads on instagram or TikToks, where sheets literally get melted into the skin. I was so curious about these, I started ordering from a few brands.

So the idea about these masks is that they are loaded with hydrolyzed collagen. They are powered with a technology which facilitates the increased absorption of collagen and sodium hyaluronate into the skin. This instantly hydrates your skin and gives you a dewy glow. The mask gives a fuller skin effect with regular use. Of all the brand masks I have used, I really liked this Invisible Collagen Mask from this Mumbai-based brand. 

Korean Technology 

This product is made of Korean Technology and New Zealand origin Collagen. It contains peptides, sodium hyaluronate, and hydrolyzed collagen. This collagen mask gives 10X deeper collab absorption, and 5X deeper hydration which enhances your skin’s firmness. It dissolves much faster into the skin as compared to other brands. This brand also gives you an anti-ageing toner with the mask, which adds to the efficacy of the mask. Within 2-3 sprays the mask gets dissolved into the skin. You need to apply the toner, then apply the collagen mask on your face, and spray more toner to allow the mask to get absorbed into the skin. Your skin appears supple and dewy after application. I have been using the mask 2-3 times a week, and my skin definitely appears more plump and bouncy now. 

What I love about this mask is that it doesn’t make my skin feel itchy in any way. It suits my skin perfectly well and it suits my sister’s oily skin as well which really projects the mask’s versatility.

Invisible collagen masks support enhanced penetration of collagen. They help restore collagen levels in the skin and boost skin elasticity. It delivers an anti-ageing effect! So if you also have been thinking of buying a melting collage face mask, do give it a shot! You are surely going to enjoy the experience.

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