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How to Shape an Oasis With Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

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Designing your custom home is a very intimate affair and the final results can be highly rewarding. While you focus on the interiors, don’t forget about the external space. Outdoor areas aren’t just great for relaxing and entertainment, they can also increase the value of your property on the market. 

When you invest in your backyard and outdoor space, recovering those costs becomes easier in the future. You can also ask custom home builders near me for suggestions on crafting the outdoor area and maximising your returns. 

Let’s check out the best outdoor spaces you can add to your custom home design:

1. Create a path

If you have a large outdoor space, dividing it up into zones is the obvious choice. However, how do you do it seamlessly without taking away any of the elegance? Well, paths are a great option for highlighting boundaries and marking designated areas. For instance, the path can go around the swimming and lounging area and merge towards your backyard door. 

Some custom home builders in Kelowna use stone and gravel paths as a pen to draw beautiful and elaborate patterns in your backyard. You can also go with unconventional materials like stamped concrete and porcelain tiles for those paths. 

2. Add a firepit 

Fireplaces keep you warm inside your home. However, they don’t allow you to huddle around with blankets while staring at the night sky and sharing spooky stories. That’s why you need a firepit in the lounging area of your backyard. Firepits always increase the feeling of cosiness and allow you refuge from the harsh cold during the winter season. Luxury home builders in Kelowna always include it in the first draft while pitching their designs to clients. 

3. Decks and patios

Stones, tiles, gravel and grass look wonderful when they come together in your backyard. However, walking over them isn’t comfortable when you are trying to read a book outside. That’s where patios and decks come in. These structures are usually made of wood and its poor insulating properties along with colour tone add much-needed warmth to your outdoor space.   

According to Kelowna contractors, patios and decks are highly requested features among both new home owners and those who are looking to renovate their old homes. Moreover, patios, decks and porches act like an extension of your home. They allow you to be outside while being protected from the elements. Porches also tend to become hangout zones during family gatherings.  

4. Add a sunroom

Ever thought about spending more time outdoors without leaving the comfort of your climate-controlled home? That’s where sunrooms come in. Sunrooms are well-thought-out compromises between indoor and outdoor spaces. They are an additional room to your home with at least three sides being exposed to sunlight.

When you buy a new home for sale in Kelowna with a sunroom, you’ll notice that it features tall windows to allow in as much natural light as possible. Sunrooms also have screens that allow in external noise and breeze while keeping insects away. You can use this room to observe nature, sunrises and sunsets or create a green sanctuary with numerous houseplants. 

5. Pool or a water feature 

If you love swimming, you may consider a pool as a necessary addition to your property. However, if you don’t plan to use it too often, the pool is going to be a burden that increases your insurance premium and drains your wallet with endless maintenance. You’re in luck if you have a small natural pond on your property. 

Ponds don’t require maintenance as long as you use them sustainably. You can also add a swarm of Koi fish to the mix. Otherwise, you are always free to add fountains, waterfalls, bubblers or other water features to enhance your external space.

6. Swing it

Swings are the most simple and effective ways to transform your outdoor area. Swings bring a plethora of physical and mental health benefits while making the existing space more comfortable for everyone. You can DIY it with a wooden plank, and strong ropes and hang it from a tree or buy a fancy porch swing that can accommodate pillows and multiple people. 

Your dream custom home can’t end at the doorway. Use these design tips to add calming paths, cosy firepits and other additions that make your outdoor area truly stand out. Don’t underestimate a simple swing either. It can create a lifetime of memories. 


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