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Galaxy Buds2 Pro review: Excellent earphones for users in Samsung ecosystem

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South Korean electronics maker is among a few companies that has an interoperable ecosystem of its products. Fresh in its ecosystem is the Galaxy Buds2 Pro wireless . These premium wireless boast a long list of exclusive features, including 24-bit high fidelity audio support enabled by Seamless codec, Dolby Atmos-powered 360-degree audio with direct multi-channel (5.1 and 7.1) surround sound experience, and multi-device connectivity.

On paper, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro justify its Pro moniker with the upgrades it brings over the processor. However, the headline features of the earphones are restricted to products in the Samsung ecosystem. Moreover, barring the current generation premium models such as Galaxy Z Fold4 (review), not all Samsung devices support all features because each feature has different requirements.

Take, for example, the 24-bit Hi-Fi audio. It requires Samsung Seamless codec, which is exclusive to Samsung smartphones running on its One UI 4.0 or later interface. Likewise, the 360-degree audio is available in Samsung phones with One UI 3.1 or newer, and the head tracking and multi-channel audio is available in Samsung phones with One UI 4.1.1 or newer.

Ecosystem conundrum aside, the Buds2 Pro are excellent wireless with snug and comfortable fit, rich audio, and class-leading noise cancellation working in its favour. Starting with design, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are a tad smaller and lighter compared to the predecessor. The new design aids comfort quotient and allows for extended usage. Besides, the redesigned earbuds profile make them fit discreetly in the ears cavity.

Complementing the design is the rich audio experience, especially when used with supported Samsung devices. Both the 24-bit Hi-Fi audio and 360-degree sound movement make a perceptible difference in experience. These work with audio streaming services such as Prime Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

However, the best is experience through Apple Music because it is the only audio streaming platform available with native support for lossless and Dolby Atmos audio for Hi-Fi and spatial experience.

Rounding up the package is the active noise cancellation. The earphones’ renewed design gives them better passive noise isolation capability. But it is the ANC that lets you zone out from the ambient noise. The ANC is intensive but not intrusive. It cuts down the ambient noise, but does not make you feel lightheaded like many other ANC-enabled earphones. Like the predecessor, the earphones have a voice detect feature to let users communicate with the earphones on – the earbuds temporarily disable the ANC and enable the transparency mode. However, it has not improved much since last generation and seems to be a novelty in its current form.

On-battery time is another thing that has not gotten better since last generation. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro is good for only three to six hours on a mixed usage, including attending calls, with ANC enabled and disabled. With the case, the battery time can be extended to up to 22 hours in total. These are not good on-battery time figures. On a positive side, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro supports fast-charging and Qi-based wireless charging. So there you are covered as long as you get time to put them on charge.


At Rs 17,999, the Buds2 Pro are excellent wireless earbuds for users in the Samsung ecosystem. For others, these might not be as good a deal, because most of its headline features are restricted to Samsung products.


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